Space, the Final Frontier / by Diana Lundin

I'll be honest here, I am days away from returning to my Worldwide Headquarters after a two-month remodel. And for the past two months, I've been without my regular compositing tools... no big iMac, no extra monitor, no Wacom tablet, very little specialized software. I'm weeping.

And while I've been doing traditional pet photography (you didn't forget, did you?, I haven't been shooting composite photography as it requires three lights and stands, a backdrop stand, and seamless paper. I have my cameras and some lighting but most of my equipment is in deep storage. But never mind.

I did a composite for a human client for her annual holiday card (third year running) and decided to use the concept, though not the actual images for a dog composite. And well, with my rudimentary equipment -- not really rudimentary -- I was able to produce Amelie in Space. 

Amelie is owned by a Los Angeles actress originally from Russia. So it is fitting that Amelie is in a Russian spacesuit. I did take the badges off but yeah, it's definitely a cosmonaut's suit.