The Library, After Dark / by Diana Lundin

I have another site with my main pet photography, Diana Lundin, and I've always called the digital art that this site is comprised of the "Storytelling Sessions" because I create these composites to tell a story. I love stories. Who doesn't, right? 

So today I created The Library, After Dark. I went way off on a tangent. Originally, I was going to create a book with a dog coming out of it. I thought it would be fun for this site. Well, you never know what's going to happen.

I found a stack of books. Stock art. And then I found a library. Nice, now I have a background. So I began browsing my huge library to find an animal that could be holding a book, reading a book, something. I found a cat. Perfect. But the top book on the stack of books was a closed book. So I found another small stack of old books and it was perfect, the top one is open. The cat is looking down as if reading and it looks like she is going to turn the page. Yes.

The library had a ladder. I found another cat, this one a Norwegian Forest Cat, who was looking up. Great. But she had to be looking up at something. So I kept browsing looking for another animal that's back was turned to the camera. Now this actually taught me something. In composite photography, there are no mistakes. I really needed a back to the camera for the animal to climb up the ladder. You don't generally take photos of an animal's back. That isn't something an owner is going to pay for. But it was the exact image I needed. 

And then to build the mystery, I found a little kitten. She's looking up at the cat on the stacks and, to make it even more mysterious, it appears as if she's at the entrance of a secret door. 

Now how's that for the Secret World of Pets?

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