Welcome to a Secret World of Pet Photography / by Diana Lundin

Your pet has a story. A very interesting one, I'm sure. I'm here to tell it; you're here to make it up with me. 

Take a look around and get inspired by other stories. Your pet can be on the cover of a cheap pulp fiction novel, or underwater surrounded by treasure or sunken ships, or in the far reaches of outerspace. They can be a character from a favorite movie or television show.

Who am I? Briefly, I'm a Los Angeles pet photographer. I began branching out in 2015 to do a little digital art. Compositing, it's called. It was really hard. I never thought I'd learn it, it's that hard. But I began having little victories and before long, my phone began ringing with people asking me if I could do this or that. I always said yes. Then I sweated bullets. But we came up with a great images, me and my adventurous clients. 

Who are you? I'm guessing you're the type that loves, loves, loves your dog or cat. I'd venture to say, whether you're single, married, coupled, your furry friend is -- okay, I'm just going to say it -- your child. Yeah, mine are my children, too. I'm guessing you don't have children or if you do, they're in college or out on their own. But mostly, you're the type that wants something no one else has. Something completely different. Something wall worthy. Welcome.

The world is wide open. 

What story will your pet tell?

We can figure it out by you clicking on this link that goes directly to the Secret World's Secret Headquarters. Tell me what you want.