Lost at Sea, the Border Collie Edition / by Diana Lundin

I just came back from eight days in Ireland. I could go on and on... and quite possibly I will... but one of the things I loved about it was, okay, well everything. I loved everything. Ireland is spectacular. 

When we were just about finished with the trip, we went to Ross Castle, a restored tower castle in Killarney National Park. The grounds were beautiful. A boat house. Stone bridges. A lake with reeds. It was at this lake where I found a man and his tireless Border collie. He would throw a stick in, the dog would chase it, scamper over rocks and bring it back. And then she would bark until her guy would throw it in again. And again. And again. And again. Really, that dog wouldn't take a break. She kept barking until he threw it back in. 

Now when I make a composite, it generally is from a studio image. They are easier to cut out of the background. But here I had a wet, swimming dog. And if you've seen my work, well, I have a lot of Lost at Sea portraits. So I took her and composited her into a very stormy sea. I didn't even get rid of the water surrounding her, I simply changed the color of the lake to match the color of the ocean.

 I also had a wet Vizsla, also not a studio shot. But Vizslas have smooth fur and it made it easier to cut him out. His ear is flapping and I thought it would make it seem like it was windy.

And so that I give hope to the animals who are "lost at sea" -- really, they are all moments away from rescue -- I put another dog in a boat to come and save them AND I threw out a life preserver. These dogs are going to make it. 

So that's what I did when I came home from Ireland. Made a composite out of an Irish dog.