Lost at Sea, the Series / by Diana Lundin

So if you've been to this site, you've already been introduced to the dogs and cats, well, one cat, my cat, who appear to be lost at sea. Phoebe, the Frenchie, is in a crate on a placid sea, looking into the distance. Now my take on this one is she is looking at the coastline in front of her. She will be washed ashore and be saved. 

My friend didn't necessarily agree with my assessment. She says Frenchies can't swim and that she will drown. She said it made her cry. So the next one I created was of my tuxedo cat Kiwi. In this one, I had a helicopter ladder come down, showing that he was being rescued. 

And on the third (there is actually a fourth, which was really the first, but I don't consider it part of this series yet -- just the prototype of these), I had the Irish Border Collie and a Vizsla in the water BUT I also had a life preserver and a boat piloted by another dog coming in for the rescue.

So in my mind, rescue is the theme.

But my friend begged me to change Phoebe. Wanted a school of dolphins coming in to save her. I was resistant. I loved the melancholia. I loved the not knowing what will happen next (even though I know what would happen next because Phoebe is a rescue dog). Those are a couple of things that attract me to photography composites, the ability to create mood and mystery.

But it came down to one is not like the other... not good for a series. So to make my friend happy, I changed it. I found the solution that doesn't go against the original. Now you can see Phoebe is getting help. My friend said it's so beautiful, it made her cry again. It's subtle so it works for me. See if you can spot it.  

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