The Handmaid's Tail / by Diana Lundin

I have loved the Handmaid’s Tale since I first read it in the ‘80s. Back then, it was a little hard to imagine how cutting people off from their money could happen, which happens at the beginning of the book and thus begins a cataclysmic change to America. Today, not hard to imagine at all. I am a big fan of not only the book but of the Hulu series starring Elisabeth Moss. She’s incredible as Offred. And as a photographer, I really appreciated the set design, costumes, and lighting, especially in the first season.

I also loved the promotional art. I wanted to create that haunting image of Offred that Hulu used to promote the series but I couldn’t figure out what I would use to create the cloak and wimple. I did an homage to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks and I had the same trouble. How to create that background? So even though I don’t draw or paint, I was able to paint a background for the Hopper work. And so I painted those elements for the robe and hat and voila, I added Luna, mimicked the background and made the Handmaid’s Tail. Is it perfect? Eh, no, but it’s still a very fun composite.