Welcome to the Art Gallery by Diana Lundin

I've already tackled the Birth of Venus, that little known work of art by Sandro Botticelli. I jest, I jest, everyone knows that piece. I recreated it with dogs and a Savannah cat and I love it so much, I even have it hanging in the den of the newly remodeled worldwide headquarters. 

But I'm working on another set of famous works of art. I have three squirreled away, ready to be introduced in 2018, and I'm working on two more. But I can't help showing off one of them now. 

Rene Magritte's Son of Man is truly a classic. And what could be better than Son of Dog? 


v1.son of man with logo.jpg

Finny the Super Hero Revisited by Diana Lundin

I met Finny, a Cocker Spaniel, at one of my mild-mannered pet photography events I did in 2015. What impressed me about Finny was his eyes. Oh my goodness, they were so expressive, they were almost human. Because of those eyes, I asked Finny's owners, Tara and Yvonne, if I could photograph Finny. Also, when I met Finny, he was wearing a shirt and I knew I wanted him to wear a costume so he was a dog already comfortable in clothing.

I had just purchased a generic super hero cape and a cartoon type backdrop that had a nighttime cityscape with a giant moon. You can see that image we created on this site. In fact, I'll post it here.

I loved the idea, but the backdrop let me down and honestly I never wanted to use it again. It was vinyl and had wrinkles that were impossible to get out and it had a lot of shine on it. I had to darken the buildings, create yellow windows, add a new star backdrop. It was really a mess so I never revisited that concept.

Until today.

So since then, I've been creating my signature composites. And while I love the cartoon simplicity of the first Finny shoot, well, what's wrong with a little complexity? And actually, all I did was take the bones of that first image and create a secret world for Finny. I just added a night time image of the Los Angeles skyline and a giant full moon with clouds. Same thing, right?

What do you think? I think he really is a super hero.