miniature rooms

Shenanigans at the Thorne Miniature Rooms by Diana Lundin

Okay, this one doesn't have anything furry in it. Yes, it just has people. But here's what makes it fun. Last month, I went to Chicago and we visited the Art Institute of Chicago. One of my very favorite things there, and there were so many, it's fantastic, was the Thorne Miniature Rooms in the basement. 

One side has American interiors, the other side has European. Having just come back from trips to England and Ireland, I was especially interested in the European side. And of course I have a new composite involving pets that definitely involves an English setting. 

I didn't bring my camera to Chicago as it was really an excuse to see "Hamilton." But I did have my phone so I pressed it against the glass of the rooms (non-flash photography is allowed) and took several exposures of interesting rooms in the raw format. So when I came back home, I had sort of nice photos of these rooms. I say sort of nice because, hey, it's a museum with museum lighting so it's kind of dark. And dark generally means the images are going to be a bit noisy -- you know, digital grain.

I photographed the people more than two years ago for a Christmas card. They were all dressed up and because it was for a composite, it had already been photographed in mind for cutting them out. 

I assembled the image and voila! People in a miniature room. 

What do you think?

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